Made with Care, Loved Forever

Like the stars that illuminate the night sky, ANOR's diamonds illuminate the paths of those who wear them, leaving an indelible mark on their journey through life's eternal canvas.

Built upon a 100-year legacy of a traditional diamond merchant family, ANOR emerged as a respected name in the world of Lab Grown Diamonds with its first gems being manufactured in the year 2001 in Florida, USA. Those gems were yellow diamonds and created in the early days of LGD’s going into mainstream Jewelry around the world, where today white LGD’s are more common.

Today, the third generation of this legacy business house has launched the ANOR brand, which is fast becoming India’s leading Affordable Luxury brand, making the finest Gold an Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.

The ANOR brand centered around its image of sustainable and affordable luxury, utilizes Lab Grown Diamonds and Precious stones to recreate classical, young, and chic, styles which can be worn by all age groups and segments of consumers. Our unique styles are created for occasions like; weddings, office wear, parties, or just everyday wear.

The brand's tale is intertwined with the name "Eleanora," embodying "light" and "torchbearer." ANOR's journey celebrated the elegance of diamonds and the shift from natural to lab-grown gems, setting the stage for a more sustainable future.

Jewelry isn’t just for adornment—it’s a powerful way to express personal stories and celebrate significant life events. At ANOR, we aim to be a part of your celebrations and daily expressions by enhancing your jewelry buying experience. Our online store features a diverse selection of custom and ready-made designs, perfectly suited to meet the needs of customers not only in India but around the globe.

At ANOR, we strive to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for online jewelry purchases, ensuring each customer receives premium service and the highest quality products. Our carefully curated collection focuses on everything from diamond pendants and earrings to gold rings and bangles, ideal for both everyday elegance and special occasions. Discover the convenience and joy of shopping with ANOR, where we make every online purchase a memorable experience.

Like a treasured heirloom passed down through three generations of the family, ANOR's diamonds emit a timeless radiance, forever engraving the brand's name in the heritage of lasting beauty, significant change, and unwavering trust.