Does Anor offer gemological certificates for its diamonds?

Yes, every diamond solitaire diamond piece is accompanied by an original diamond report from International Gemological Institute (IGI) or SGL.

What is more important in a diamond — color or clarity?

At ANOR, we understand that the choice between color and clarity in diamonds is a matter of personal taste. Our curated collection exclusively showcases diamonds with a color grade of D, E, or F, coupled with a clarity rating greater than VS2. These exacting quality benchmarks guarantee that each ring showcased in our Salon boasts a diamond of exceptional beauty and unmatched brilliance. To delve deeper into the world of our diamonds, explore our comprehensive guide on Our Diamonds.

Can ANOR customize a design for me?

Certainly! ANOR provides customization services. Schedule an appointment at one of our in-store locations to create your own bespoke jewelry piece. You can select a stone from our inventory and craft a personalized piece of jewelry with us. We will give you an estimate and a delivery time when we can get you the finished product. You can also do a remote video call with us if none of the store locations are close to you.

Is ID proof required when shopping at ANOR?

Yes, for purchases exceeding 50,000 at the time of payment, we request customers to furnish government-approved ID proof (Aadhar or PAN card).

Where can I track my ANOR order?

To check your order status, visit "My Account" on our website and review your order details. For additional assistance, you can also reach out to us via email at clientcare@anor.in.

Do you offer international shipping from ANOR?

Absolutely! ANOR ships to various countries around the world. We are consistently expanding our list, so feel free to contact us to inquire about shipping to your specific country. You can email us at clientcare@anor.in

How do I ​maintain my Jewelry after purchase?

Sustain the allure of your jewelry post-purchase with these simple steps: Clean gently using a mild solution, store in a soft pouch to prevent scratching, and schedule periodic professional checks to ensure lasting radiance.

We also offer an annual free cleaning service for which you will need to email us at clientcare@anor.in and we will respond with a service request number which must then be attached to your jewelry while shipping it to us. It is preferred that you ship with your original ANOR box so that your jewelry is not damaged in transit.

Does ANOR offer a Buy Back and or Exchange on my purchases?

The ANOR commitment to its customers goes past just your first purchase, where we offer a Buy Back and a Life time Exchange for our Diamond Jewelry products.

 The Exchange is for a purchase of equal or higher value and subject to a piece review by our team to ensure the product is free from any alterations or damages.

​Under the Buy Back Policy, a product must be returned to Anor within a period of 15 days and upto a value of INR 200,000

​Products being returned for Buy Back or Exchange should be accompanied with the original certificate, original invoice provided by ANOR, and a valid Government ID matching the name on the invoice. ANOR does not cover any consequential loss or damage of jewelry or precious stone in studded jewelry.

​Visit our Buy Back and Life Time Exchange policy page to know more

How do I receive a refund for the difference during an ANOR Exchange?

Refunds for the difference in amounts are applicable only for exchanges within the initial 15 days of your original purchase, provided the new product has a lower value. The balance amount will be refunded to the individual whose name is on the invoice. Kindly email us your Bank account details at clientcare@anor.in.

Can I exchange my order more than once at ANOR?

No, multiple exchanges for the same order are not permitted.

Is a certificate required for the ANOR lifetime exchange?

Yes, a certificate is necessary to assess the current value of your jewelry and determine the best possible exchange value. Please provide the certificate for availing the lifetime exchange option.

Visit Our Buy Back and Life Time Exchange Policy Page to Know More